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Job Details: Senior Director, US Crop Subscription Services

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Senior Director, US Crop Subscription Services
Full Time
United States
Crop Subscription Services
• Study Execution: To ensure all internal and external resources are efficiently and effectively engaged to execute projects on time and at high quality.
• Staff Support: To ensure all US Crop Subscription staff get the internal support they need to execute their jobs.
• Budget Management: Ensure cost budget goals are delivered.
• Process Efficiency: Review, implement, and manage processes and cross departmental relationships to minimize disruptions, encourage collaboration, and create harmony amongst teams.
• Central Coordination: Work with client service teams and project managers to make decisions in the best interests of clients and work demands of our teams. Amicably resolve conflict and difference in opinion. Balance requests from clients with the wellbeing of the team.
• Manage and lead teams to successfully deliver our US Crop Subscription portfolio:
o Ensure teams are fully resourced and working to their strengths.
o Work with research team to agree on methodology, timelines, and budget that meets the expectations of clients and internal stakeholders.
o Develop relationships across dependent departments to ensure the alignment and successful completion of our goals
o Ensure our teams are properly awarded and recognized for their efforts.
o Ensure our teams are properly motivated, remove roadblocks that cause frustrations.

• Responsible for successful innovation of our portfolio – faster and cheaper data collection without compromising quality.
o Short Term: Successfully develop scope of annual deliveries and deliver to the satisfaction of clients and internal stakeholders.
o Medium Term: Apply accepted and innovative survey sampling techniques to improve this and next year’s studies accuracy.
o Long Term: Support the effort toward AgroTrak 2.0 and other major study redesigns.

• Financial management of production cost budgets.
o Carefully balance fieldwork across a network of suppliers to reach desired productivity with cost savings goals.
o Oversee quota management, dial productivity, and other key performance metrics to avoid cost overruns while delivering on minimum sample size requirements.
o Support initiatives to pursue creative ways to incentivize growers other than through traditional monetary means.
Bachelor's Degree
More than 9 years
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