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Job Details: Research Manager

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Research Manager
Full Time
Commercial : Custom
Purpose of the Role

• Day-to-day-project lead of low to medium complex projects or parts of medium to high complex projects
• Supports client questions in the respective project
• Some involvement in presentations at the client, jointly with more senior colleagues
• Research Design & Proposal Development:
o Assists in creating bids for proposals including designing RFPs and getting costs from operations (supplier management team) and estimating research hours
o Drafts a concept for study design, design and write questionnaires and topic guides (desk research on topics/client’s business, draft topic guides/questionnaires, topic guides/questionnaire revisions, works with Marketing Science, Weighting, Sampling on special aspects of questionnaire development as needed, preparing a code plan - normally smaller projects/standardized projects
o May support pricing development for specific elements of projects with supervision

• Project Execution:
o Project manager for smaller projects or parts of complex projects
o Delivers the projects on high quality and on delivery costs according to plan
o Alignment and collaboration with internal groups
o Keeping the budget
o Handling of day-to-day issues of the project
o Works with a team to design studies, edit research tools, and plan analyses and reporting.
o Quant:
 Oversees the data collection processes such as preparing study specifications for Operations and/or agencies, client reports, drafting questionnaires, quota monitoring, sample delivery, troubleshooting and testing,
 Tests quality of data collection and sample screening instruments. Edit questionnaire/survey items.
 Monitors data collection procedures / instruments.
 Creates tables specification, reports populating, data analysis and reporting
o Qual:
 drafts discussion guides and assist debate with clients
 designs briefing notes, reporting template for Kynetec colleagues and agencies
 is aware of more advanced interviewing principles and practices
 conducts more complex project interviewing/ techniques on a range of issues
 enables respondents to easily express thoughts and feelings

• Analysis & Reporting:
o Supports in creating impactful reports with detailed and meaningful insights, starts using ThinkStoryline and infographic methods
o Helps to write headlines/executive summary, makes suggestions
o In smaller projects, gives live/telco presentations to the customer (junior and mid-level management at clients)
o Quant:
 creates and populates presentation charts
 analyzes data and use a variety of tools to run cross-tabs and interrogate the data for meaningful results / liaise with DP to generate useful tables
o Qual:
 Effectively analyses interview material
 Produces comprehensive country reports (following provided internal template)
 Produces overview report drafts highlighting implications and recommendations

• Client Management:
o Begins to have regular interaction with junior and mid-level client management (presentations, phone calls, meetings, e-mail).
o Communicates study progress to account manager and other senior colleagues in charge of the project.
Bachelor's Degree
4 years
24 Feb 2020
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